Ahmad Abdul

Ahmad Abdul was born in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, on 31 May 1990. Abdul's name became familiar to the public while participating in Indonesian Idol 2018 where Abdul became the grand finalist. 

Back in 2016, Ahmad Abdul participated in a talent-search competition named Social Media Sensation 2016 where Abdul won the 4th place. Before joining the Indonesian Idol, Abdul often appeared as a cafe singer around Bali. Abdul has also joined a rock band and often works as a graphic designer. 

Abdul's mesmerizing appearance on Indonesian Idol 2018 has caught the public’s attention, not only in Indonesia but also the world specially from whose songs had been covered by him such as Adam Levine, Kodaline, Calum Scott, and Danny O'Donoghue, the lead singer of the British rock band, The Script. 

Now, Ahmad Abdul has his own nickname that he got from the judges, "The Lost Star That We Found" and the public seems to agree with that. No wonder Ahmad Abdul has many fans and his name is now well-known in Indonesia music scene. 

Besides singing, Ahmad Abdul is skilled at playing guitar and using loopers and foot drums at the same time. He often uses all three of these tools when performing in cafes. 


Barasuara is a music group from Indonesia consisting of Iga Massardi (vocal / guitar), TJ Kusuma (guitar), Gerald Situmorang (bass), Marco Steffiano (drum), Asteriska (vocal), Puti Chitara (vocal). Barasuara released their debut album titled Taifun in 2015. Initially Iga Massardi wanted to make a solo project for his own songs. But he was more interested in working on a project with a band. He then invited TJ, Marco and Asteriska. At first Pandu Fuzztoni (Morfem group guitarist) played bass, but because of his busy schedule he was replaced by Gerald Situmorang, who was initially invited by Pandu. After debuting at Iga's café, TokoVe Cafe in the Kemang area, Jakarta, Puti Chitara entered the line-up. 

Danilla Riyadi

Danilla Riyadi (known professionally by the mononym Danilla) is an Indonesian singer. Danilla released what is technically her first album at the age of seventeen. This gleeful, more poppy-sounding album was produced by an uncle's colleague, the businessman Richard Buntario. Danilla despises this album, and never talks about it, as she was forced in to do it, and the said pop sound was not how she wanted to present herself. She was also in several bands, including one called "Orca", an alternative band mostly covering British artists such as Keane and Radiohead.

The singer met Lafa Pratomo, a musician and producer, in a studio session with Orion Records in 2012. By this time, she had seen music as something she would want to do seriously. Having had written several rough lyrics, Danilla was struggling to make her words go along with the melodies. Lafa came in and helped with song arrangements and gave her some of his unused materials to use; and later also producing her debut album. Telisik was released in 2014 by Orion Records, with demajors–one of Indonesian most recognizable independent labels–distributing it. The album did not chart but was met with critical acclaim, placing at number #18 on Rolling Stone Indonesia's Albums of the Year. Her second album, Lintasan Waktu, was released in 2017, with two singles accompanying it: "Kalapuna" and "Aaa". The album was nominated for Indonesian Choice Awards 2018's Album of the Year. 



Music with energy, making music with heart. Those are undoubtly waves from a man we know as Jevin Julian. Almost every time he throw something out, it instantly become an easily digested and ear catchy. Started from Indobeatbox to a producer for electronic music, Jevin Julian has produced music for remixes, re-arrangements, music score for visual production, commercials jingle and so on. By those numbers of his creations, Jevin Julian has reached so many stages over the nation and overseas. Some of those stages are Indonesia’s most prestigious events such as Java Jazz Festival, Soulnation Festivals and many more. Not to mention countless performance in Indonesia, his show is one unique experience as he combined many beats. The best of him still yet to come. 


Surrounded by a family who loves music, Petra grew to be a talented person who can sing, play guitar and piano. His talent in music has been seen since the age of 3. As a boy, he felt embarrassed to sing and began to play drums when he was 7 years old and guitar when he was 12 years old. His family fully supported him to make an album where he wrote and arranged his own music. The album contained a lot of songs that he wrote when he was just 15 years old. He decided to promote his album through indie label. 


M.A.T.S (Meet After The Storm) is an Electro Rock music group formed in 6 June 2016 in Palembang, South Sumatera. The band members Erlangga (Vocal), Opan Arian (Guitar), Dedek Kamajaya (Guitar), Irwandra Septiady (Drums), dan Andre (Bass). 

Meet After The Storm is a project that was formed after the band members experienced a lot from other bands which made them form M.A.T.S. All of them were agreed to assume that all of their previous experiences were like a storm. A storm in the journey of having a profession in music industry. In the middle of 2016, Opan and Dedek worked together in a project and they decided to form a band to make music without having to care about "behavior" or "market", a band that frees each of the members to be creative on making music. Erlangga, Andra and Andre finally join M.A.T.S for the position of vocalist, drummer and bassist and that makes M.A.T.S more complete. 

Electro Rock music is M.A.T.S’ way to express their musicality. In early 2017, they decided to record their first Electro Rock song entitled "After The Storm". The lyrics in “After The Storm” explain a little about what is their purpose and why M.A.T.S was formed. "After The Storm" also the one that brought M.A.T.S to become one of the winners in SUPERMUSIC ROCKIN BATTLE band competition in 2017. 

M.A.T.S is currently in the process of collecting material for their debut album. 

Maliq & D’Essentials

Maliq & D’Essentials ia a jazz and soul music based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since their appearance in the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival in 2005, Maliq & D’Essentials popularity has increased, especially among young people in Jakarta. 


Since 2014, Marcello decided to use his full name Marcello Tahitoe as his stage name replacing Ello which is his childhood nickname from his mother, Diana Nasutilon. 

Music wise, Marcello now play rock music more rather than pop music like the beginning of his career. There is no sudden change, because in his album called Realisits/ Idealis (2009) and Taub Mumu (2012) Marcello had slipped some rock elements to his work. 

“Rock is a music genre that I like since I was a kid. However, a lot of people knows me more from my previous work which was more light and pop. As time goes by, my way in song-writing has gotten more simple, playing instruments that could be classified as basic and organic” said Marcello.” 

The last 2 releases from Marcello, “Sampah Sampah Dunia Maya” and “Munafik”, not only plays a rock genre that is quite hard but also criticizes the social problems that we face everyday. For this issue Marcello commented "I did this accidentally, I could not predict the future, but I wrote from what I saw and felt and that made me excited to express it”. 

Marcello is now working for his 6th studio album and in August 2019 he will release a single. 


Pamungkas is a singer-songwriter as well a music producer from Jakarta, Indonesia. His first introduction to music was at the age of weight through the drums. Self-taught himself to play piano and guitar after that before getting himself into singing and songwriting. His music heavily influenced by many British Music such as The Beach Boys, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys. His song-writing style is inspired by the likes of the fab duo Lennon/McCartney, John Mayer, the Norwegian Sondre Lerche and of course Bob Dylan. His musical library also shaped by the modern-electronic artists such as Disclosure, FKJ, Maggie Rogers, Jacob Collier, Rex Orange County, Ruby Empress. 

Pamungkas forming his own style of music by merging the essence of Folk, the richness of Electronic sounds and the catchiness of Pop. On top of that, his bright-powerful-soothing voice completed the whole thing and creates this new fresh dimension of sounds. His storytelling skills really is just the icing on the cake. Having that in hand, he single handedly present his debut LP, “Walk The Talk” in June 2018. He write, sing, produce, mix, master and design it himself. As a 25 years old adult-teen, he shared his thoughts and perspectives about life, love, friendship and self-growth through his lyrics. 


Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine, Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill have lived the resistance from day one. So it’s no surprise that in the midst of 2016’s tumultuous election, the revolutionary musicians would join together as Prophets Of Rage to combat the coming storm.

While the fierce independence and enduring influence of their collective lineage is nearly impossible to overstate, these creative kindred spirits knew immediately this was a different beast. At its core, Prophets Of Rage functions not only on a love of music, but a deep belief in its power as a tool and a weapon. Woven into the band’s DNA are influences as varied as The Clash, KRS-One, and Johnny Cash, as well as the undeniable ideals and aesthetics of its predecessors: Public Enemy’s frenzied, racing textures, Rage’s jaw-melting riffs, and Cypress Hill’s manically playful party energy.

Prophets Of Rage, their internationally acclaimed, self-titled debut LP, released on September 15th, 2017, exemplifies the band’s commitment to creating a more decent and humane world. The 12 explosive tracks, produced by Brendan O’Brien, deftly fuses their diverse styles into an inventive and commanding new musical statement.

After performing headline shows at arenas and festivals around the world, Prophets Of Rage have coalesced into a fiery unit capable of playing with equal parts precision, passion and muscle. The band partners with activists and social justice organizations in cities along the way, contributing a portion of the proceeds to the fight against hunger and homelessness. 


Reality Club members are Fathia Izzati, Faiz Novascotia Saripudin, Era Patigo, Iqbal Anggakusumah and Nugi Wicaksono. 

Reality Club is what happens when indie rock collides with pop tunes. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2016, the band is influenced by various artists, such as The Strokes, Last Dinosaurs, The Cure, and Phoenix, they are ready to give you fresh music that will be hard for you not to vibe to. 


In just a few short years, New York’s State Champs have managed to become one of the biggest and most exciting voices in pop-punk: the band, made up of vocalist Derek DiScanio, guitarists Tyler Szalkowski and Tony Diaz, bassist Ryan Scott Graham and drummer Evan Ambrosio have fostered a loyal and dedicated fanbase through their inventive take on the genre—a certain ascending melodicism, bouncy power chords, infectious hooks and a level of band-to-fan transparency unique to them. 

After two years touring their second studio album Around the World and Back (debuted at No. 30 on the Billboard 200, 15,000 copies sold in the first week) on a global level, the quintet is ready to give their fans an in-depth glance into their lives like never before. State Champs will re-release a deluxe version of the album May 5th, complete with hour-and-a-half tour DVD, live versions of “Elevated” and “All You Are Is History,” acoustic versions of the singles “Secrets” and “Losing Myself,” as well as two brand new songs, “Slow Burn” and the tour-referencing “Hurry Up and Wait.” 

“We used to love watching old band DVDs growing up and that’s what made us want to be in bands. I still watch them to this day. It’ll give everyone a chance to see everything behind the scenes and how everything goes down, traveling as much as we do and the connection that we have between us, the band, and our crew and our fans,” frontman DiScanio explains. “We’ve always done little short, funny tour recaps but we wanted to do something different than that this time, a full feature. It’s got live footage from the tour we did with Neck Deep. It gets emotional at parts and it’s really funny at parts. There are different sections for different parts of the world. There’s an Australian leg, a Japan leg, a UK leg and an American leg.” 


SUPERORGANISM: A Transatlantic group, who feature Maine, New England-based, Japanese vocalist Orono and a sprawling line up of international musicians / pop culture junkies currently living all under one roof in London’s east end. The band first introduced themselves at the start of 2017 with the idiosyncratic, technicolour pop of ’Something For Your M.I.N.D’. The track burned brightly, causing a huge stir online and across the airwaves (including plays by both Frank Ocean and Ezra Koenig on their radio shows) shortly afterwards, It’s All Good” and “Nobody Cares” appeared… both intoxicating curveballs and undeniably worthy follow up to their fizzing debut. 

Since then, they’ve been on a runaway train of success following their internet enigma, their sold out debut shows around the globe, their TV performances on Jools Holland, their BBC Sound of 2018 and VEVO DSCVR longlist position - and now their spectacularly confident, world-building debut album is ready to for release on March 2nd (through Domino Records).