Indonesian music group .Feast was formed in Jakarta at some point in 2012 when members were still students in Universitas Indonesia. 

This group has been catching media attention since their first single ‘Camkan’, and now heralded as one of the biggest next-generation band in Indonesia after the release of their genre-defying debut album ‘MULTIVERSES’ in September 2017. 

This reputation snowballed after the band published its nationally-acclaimed ‘Beberapa Orang Memaafkan’ (2018), which saw singles such as ‘Peradaban’ and ‘Berita Kehilangan’ (ft. Rayssa Dynta) claiming air time in FM radios across the archipelago and as far as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Both critically-acclaimed albums marked their spot in more than 20 tear-end “best of” lists from nationwide medias each year. 

.Feast is notorious for their reputation of amassing a crowd dangerous enough for stage security and utilizing collaborators and guest performers on-stage and in their recorded materials. Both of their albums include big names and new contenders alike in the Indonesian music scene, such as Mardial, Ramengvrl, Bam Mastro (of Elephant Kind), Karaeng Adjie (of Polka Wars), Oscar Lolang, Bin Idris, Sir Dandy and Rayssa Dynta. 


Adrian Khalif, born on 24th of June 1992, is a singer/ song writer based in Indonesia. Born in Jakarta and raised in several cities of Geneva, Canberra, New York and London helped broaden his love for music, and also shaped him into becoming a solo artist signed to E-motion Entertainment. 

He is most known for his work on ‘Made in Jakarta’ with one of the country’s best DJ and producer, Dipha Barus. It is a song in which Khalif cities as life changing experience. Beforehand, he worked hard to perfect his credentials by hitting up stages and gigs in Jakarta. Now an AMI AWARD winner for Best Rap and Hip Hop, 2018 Best Male artist at the Anugrah Muzik and Best Newcomer – nominee marks the beginning of Khalif’s rise in Indonesia’s music industry. He recently released, two critically – acclaimed singles, Flawless/ Merona and Take Care. Make sure to tune in for upcoming releases and album this year. 


Barasuara is a music group from Indonesia consisting of Iga Massardi (vocal / guitar), TJ Kusuma (guitar), Gerald Situmorang (bass), Marco Steffiano (drum), Asteriska (vocal), Puti Chitara (vocal). Barasuara released their debut album titled Taifun in 2015. Initially Iga Massardi wanted to make a solo project for his own songs. But he was more interested in working on a project with a band. He then invited TJ, Marco and Asteriska. At first Pandu Fuzztoni (Morfem group guitarist) played bass, but because of his busy schedule he was replaced by Gerald Situmorang, who was initially invited by Pandu. After debuting at Iga's café, TokoVe Cafe in the Kemang area, Jakarta, Puti Chitara entered the line-up. 


Indonesia Based pop band Coldiac was formed in Malang in 2014 by Sambadha Wahyadyatmika, Mahatamtama Arya Adinegara, Bhima Bagaskara, Derry Rith Haudin, Judha Widhita and (former member) Fadra Heryndra. Fadra was the first guy who asked them tomake a project as Piratez in 2008, and the band decided to start brand new name & music in 2014. but sadly, Fadra were leaving Indonesia for His study in Europe in 2014. Sambadha & Mahatamtama take the part as vocalist. Coldiac are bringing more felicious concept than the recent format wether in musicalilty, lyrics, and visual aesthetic, crafting pop music with dreamy, groovy, and electronic vibes, the first album of Coldiac "Heartbreaker" released by their own label "GZZ Records" in 2016, new single "Wreck This Journal" and "Spend The Night" followed in 2017. 


Dried Cassava started off in 2005, when the members attended one same High School in Jakarta and found the same interest in making music. Bas, Nandie, Bana and Kago; each with their own favorite bands for reference, brought their touch to the table – resulting in Dried’s music that cannot be defined in one genre. Try listening to their hits such as ‘Hellblazer’, ‘Set Sail’, ‘Manusia Beruang’ & ‘Morpheus’ and feel the array of genre diversity within their music. Their purpose is solely to tell stories through their music that is open to wide interpretations; to stimulate eagerness to listen further. Dried Cassava celebrates the pleasure of music and is grateful for the privilege of making music – and will continue to do so. 

They released the first album ‘Mind Thieves’ in 2012, followed closely by their second album ‘Sensitive Explosive’ in 2014. In 2016, Dried Cassava also released a mini album sold exclusively in Japan. 

Until today, ‘Paradox’ remains one of the most cherished songs in indie music scene in Indonesia. 



GAC are Gamaliel, Audrey and Cantika. They first captured the hearts of music lovers when they were still teenagers by performing simple instrument as guitars and with good confidence, they both sang hit songs. Now their video channel on Youtube is accessible to more than 20 millions people from around the world, making it to be one of most influential Youtube Channels in Indonesia. GAC has been granted numerous awards from both national and international. AWARDS : - GAC received “Best Group / Duo” from 2017 Dahsyatnya Music Awards. - Single “BAHAGIA” has been viewed more than 11 millions on Youtube. - Single “NEVER LEAVE YOU” has been high rotation on radios. - GAC received “BEST BAND OF THE YEAR” from 2016 Indonesian Choice Awards. - GAC received “MUSIC GROUP OF THE YEAR” from 2016 ELLE Awards. - Album STRONGER has charted “BEST ALBUM 2016 on Rolling Stone. - Album STRONGER has charted #2 on iTunes Charts. - Performed at multiple international festivals. GAC already released two studio albums, where the latest album was produced in Sweden in which GAC collaborated with world-class musicians and producers. GAC has produced many hits including Bahagia, a powerful fresh energetic song and soon turns to be a positive anthem among youngsters. 


GHO$$ is a RnB/ Dark Pop/ Indie Rock band from Jakarta consisting of Mohammed Diegoshefa Dilanegara (vocal), Diego Aditya (Guitar & vocal), Dhemo AP (Bass) and Fadhi Perdana (Guitar & Synth). Formed in the late 2014, GHO$$ characteristics were influenced by Dark Pop with a touch of Hip Hop beat, 90’s RnB and Rock makes the band’s music unique. The name GHO$$ was influenced by the band’s perspective of ghosts “we (humans) are all ghosts who live in the construction of bones that are neatly arranged and wrapped in meat and connected through blood vessels, then what should we be afraid of?”. GHO$$ had the opportunity to record their music at Studio 301 Sydney, Australia with Supermusic, a recording studio that had been used by Metallica, Coldplay, Muse and other major bands. 

The uniqueness of GHO$$ came from its members that has differences in art, music and fashion. These differences help them in forming their musicality and songs which are thick and chime with a mix of various musical genres. GHO$$ voiced its aspiration to create a new music genre that is difficult to describe in words, but can only be felt when listening to their songs. GHO$$ currently has more than 6 original songs and still continues to collect song material for its first album. The concept of the band that combines 3 elements from pop culture such as Music, Art & Fashion will always be carried by GHO$$ through their songs and stage performances. 



Iwa K is an Indonesian rapper, singer, songwriter, TV presenter, and actor born in Bandung. He was the pioneer in Indonesian Hip Hop music scene and has a successful career since the 1990s. He has become an icon of the nation's Hip Hop music genre. He began his musical career in the late 1980s. He is the first Indonesian rapper to have released a full-length album entitled Kuingin Kembali in 1992. He is also the best-selling Indonesian rapper to date. Iwa has won an Indonesian Music Award for Best Rap Performance in 1999. His album with Guest Band entitled Ta’kan, gained a place at #131 in Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine's “150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time" list. His debut solo album, Ku Ingin Kembali, also included in the list at #117. One of his songs, "Bebas" (1994) ranked #36 in Rolling “150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time" list. 


Sweet Martabak is a 90s duo rap group from Indonesia. Sweet Martabak’s popular song is “Tididit”. 


Lalahuta is a music group from Indonesia. In 2016 they were nominated for Best Pop Duo/ Group from AMI Award. 


The band we know as Phony Ppl is a mix of people, time, and sound that's been nurtured over generations in Brooklyn. They were a group of kids who started making music together during after school sessions in the homes of their creative families, and who grew up to cultivate a sound that's as much punk as is it soul. A quintet of live music blending acoustic instrumentation with electronic inputs and different vocal styles, their outlook on life and music refuses to be boxed in. Over the years, the bandmates have ebbed and flowed, but now they've reached their final form with these five original members: Elbee Thrie on vocal duties, Aja Grant on the keys, drummer Matt Byas, guitarist Elijah Rawk, and bassist Bari Bass. Their sound is a mix of soul, R&B, funk, hip hop, jazz, pop, and everything between and beyond. It's very DIY, too. They do their own songwriting, arrangement, mixing, and production. All of the bandmates come from musical families (Byas's dad is DJ Jazzy Jay of Zulu Nation) and they went to an assortment of music classes, camps, and schools around New York and the country. The benefits of all this shine through in their comfort with their instruments and use of music as a first language. But it only serves as a means to express their own ideas and sets the high standard they hold themselves to. Like their sound, they avoid being fenced into one type of performance. You might catch them on a big stage at a festival, or at a more intimate venue like the legendary Blue Note in Manhattan. But their favorite spot is somewhere outdoors where they're on a level with the crowd. 

SNOW PATROL (Acoustic)

Snow Patrol are Gary Lightbody, Johnny McDaid, Nathan Connolly, Paul Wilson, and Jonny Quinn . Over a two-decade career, Snow Patrol has carved out a unique place for themselves. Since their 1998 debut, Songs for Polarbears, which Pitchfork hailed as “an impressive piece of work,” their melancholy anthems of heartbreak and separation have mended hearts, and the band has racked up an impressive number of critical and commercial accolades, including 15 million global album sales, 1+ billion global track streams, 5 UK Platinum Albums, and are Grammy, BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nominated. They emerged as heartsore musical prophets in the shadow of grunge and shallow pop, striking a chord in the minds, memories and hearts of listeners over six groundbreaking, confessional albums. Eyes Open, released in 2006, was the biggest-selling album in the UK that year; they went on to headline such festivals as the prestigious T in the Park. 


Amber Bain, aka The Japanese House, first heard the phrase Good at Falling, when a friend showed her a video game about a square experiencing an existential crisis, she started to cry. “I thought it was the sweetest, saddest thing ever,” she says. It came at the perfect time. She had finished her long-awaited debut album, and was reaching for a title that could somehow convey the period of uncertainty and change that had inspired its songs. Over the past few years, the mystery that once surrounded The Japanese House has dissolved into a clear artistic vision. With four EPs, put out between 2015 and 2017, Bain had already released an album’s worth of material, honing the sound and feel of her intricate indie pop dreamscapes, but it has taken her until now to make Good at Falling. Partly, that’s because she has spent much of the last three years on the road, touring with Dirty Hit labelmates The 1975 and Wolf Alice, among others. If the EPs were an introduction to The Japanese House, then the album reveals a new focus, both musically and lyrically. With the exception of album closer i saw you in a dream, revisited and revised as a slow, near-acoustic album close, Good at Falling is an album of new tracks, drawn from a particularly tumultuous and transformative period in Bain’s life, recounted with admirable honesty and candour. Good at Falling may be filled with the anxiety of uncertainty, at least in terms of its lyrics, but that’s in stark contrast to the sheer size and confidence of its sound, which builds on the foundations of the EPs with added vigour and a sharp sense of focus. Most of the songs began as demos recorded by Bain on her laptop in her room in London. They were fleshed out and finished in studios in Wisconsin, Brussels and Oxford, by Bain and her collaborators BJ Burton (who has worked with Low, Bon Iver and Francis and the Lights), and with George Daniel from The 1975. While the sound is still recognisably The Japanese House, its pop structures bending slightly, thrillingly out of shape, there is the clear surfacing of a concise pop sensibility, too. 


A name synonymous with the alternative rock scene they have helped build, The Used have entered into a new chapter of their lives, both musically and personally. Their seventh studio album, The Canyon, released on Hopeless Records last fall is a 17-track piece of art that takes fans on a lyrical journey through the intimate psyche of Bert McCracken. Written out of pain and loss, The Canyon is tragic and haunting while also having a sense of light and energy that is unlike anything this band has put forward. While keeping the heavy hitting melodies and gut wrenching lyrics that The Used is known for, this is the most visceral and personal piece of art the band has ever released. McCracken tells us “That’s what this record is – it’s a moment of silence for what’s real.” 

The intricate musical composition displayed presented itself to the band in a way it never has before. “I’ve learned as an artist that a great idea is such a gift. If I don’t stop whatever it is I’m doing, even if while driving, if I don’t pull over at that moment, then maybe I didn’t deserve the idea to begin with. I learned to respect and worship the ideas in that way, that they are and will always be something sacred. Stopping in that moment was a brand new approach for us during this process” says McCracken. 

Every musical note and vocal heard on the record was recorded entirely on tape without a click track at the legendary Valentine Studio with some songs featuring string arrangements and a choir. The process was unique and unlike anything the band has done before. They would hit record and play it as if they were on stage, without a backing track. Songs weren’t played and recorded repeatedly until the magic was gone. What you are hearing is what really took place within the recording process. Every nuance was captured and with every listen you experience something new. Over the last 15 years The Used have released a collection of albums that have shaped the space of the alternative rock scene. High energy live shows, gut wrenching relatable lyrics, and melodies that blended pop sensibility and hard rock creating the perfect combination to make an everlasting impression on fans globally. The band put everything into writing and recording The Canyon and from start to finish you are submerged into an inescapable visceral universe with an ever-present sense of victory. There is nothing that has fulfilled this band more and that is evident in the closing lines of “The Nexus” – “Raise my voice, my heartbeats full, I said we are The Used, but not defeated.”